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Common Style Mistakes for Singaporean Men

4 Men’s Style Oversights & How to Fix Them

There comes a common saying, “the devil’s in the detail”? You could dress up in the most sophisticated suit you have, but the slightest details found may end up ruining your entire style. Though they are minor, these style oversights are the ones we should absolutely keep an eye on. Check out as we uncover 4 common oversights in men’s style and make sure to keep them in mind before you make the same mistakes again.

1. Bulging Pockets

With the amount of necessities to carry around, it’s a common sight to spot these bulging pockets in men’s trousers. These bulging pockets are definitely displeasing on anyone and they might even be perceived as a giant lump at your hip area. An easy solution is to pack your items in a bag, but this might not work for everyone as it could add unnecessary weight for you.

You can also try separating your items into different compartments such as placing some of them into your shirt pockets instead. Another way is to get a much slimmer wallet. Options we recommend are a bi-fold wallet or a card-holder. The plus factor is that they don’t make your pockets have a big bulge even if you put many items into them.

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2. Right Socks Choices

This might sound creepy, but you never know when someone could be staring at your socks in public. Make the wrong sock choices and it could bring about unwanted attention. A safe way we always recommend is to go for plain socks that matches the colour of your trousers.

However, if you think that’s way too boring, you could go for textured socks. These socks have slight textured prints that can help inject dapperness into your style. Always be sure to pair textured socks that are in a shade darker or lighter than your pants.

How about for those of you who want to make a bold fashion statement? Patterned socks are definitely the way to go! They can totally upgrade your style and make you look like a fashionista. A cautionary advice is to avoid wearing them at formal events as they might make you look unprofessional.

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3. The Lacing Problem

You’d probably spot shoelaces on shoes not tied properly before and you could even say some of them are dragging their shoelaces. As shoes are one of the first things people notice on your outfit, taking care of your shoelace is of utmost importance. Learning to lace your dress shoes the right way can definitely elevate your style to the next level. Not sure what are the ways to tie your shoelace? Check out more article where they guide you on the 3 best ways to lace your dress shoes.

Does your shoelaces look shabby and worn out? If yes, it’s time to replace them with new shoelaces. Those tattered shoelaces are bound to put off any style and they make it seem like you don’t put in effort for your shoes. It is best to replace them at regular intervals to keep them looking fresh and clean at all times.

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4. Wardrobe Management

Hands up if you feel guilty of not ironing your clothes. Although we don’t see it, it’s easy to identify whether a man manages his wardrobe well or not. A tip to prevent creases is to avoid squeezing too many clothes together in your wardrobe or you could always iron those creases out. If ironing is too troublesome for you, a steamer is just the solution, just run the heat through your clothes lightly and the creases will vanish.

For shoes wise, always remember to clean and shine whenever they are looking scruffy. You’d certainly not want people to think that you don’t harbour a love for your shoes. Shoe trees are also a great addition for your shoes, they help sustain your shoes in shape and prolong their lifespan. After each wear, simply slip a shoe tree into your shoe and you are done. If getting a cedar wood shoe tree may put a strain on your budget, you can go for our travel shoe trees which also helps to maintain the shape of your shoes. It is also a great travel buddy!

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Crafting out a style without experiencing style oversights can be a real struggle but if you manage to handle them well, it could definitely enhance and boost your fashion sense greatly. Let us know what other style oversights you see often.