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Men Formal Dress Leather Shoes Singapore

Dress shoes for men in Singapore: Where to buy oxfords, loafers, boat shoes, boots and more

Be it online or offline, custom made or bespoke, here’s our list of mens fashion shops to grab a pair of stylish formal footwear
While men dressed in a plain white T and jeans can be sexy, men that are dressed to the nines are the real ‘Don Juan’ – or in a more tasteful manner to describe them, in a league of their own. We at Honeycombers are on a mission to help you transform your man into a Greek god, but in Timberlake-savvy suit and tie, of course. From our guide to male grooming to where to tailor bespoke suits, we now dish out yet another important facet of being a fine gentlemen – finding the perfect dress shoes in Singapore to complete the spiffy look.

8 Shoes Every Man Needs
Fill your shoe rack with these magnificent seven – and you’ll have the appropriate footwear for every occasion and season.
The derby is a basic leather laced-up shoe. “It’s versatile, and works for both office and casual dates,” says Edwin Neo, designer and shoemaker. Apart from the traditional leather, you can also find derbys made with canvas, suede and tweed.
Sneakers. These sports shoes are now widely worn as casual footwear. Sports brands have turned their staples into streetwear essentials with fashionable designs. “Sneakers do well to complete any casual look,” says Neo.
Brogues. Traditionally worn in the countryside, these were designed with perforations to allow water to drain from them after crossing bogs in the Irish and Scottish highlands. “Brogues look great when worn with jeans,” says Neo. For a more fashion-forward look, go socks-less with pants cuffed above the ankles.
Oxfords. This staple is for formal occasions, and can take you from office to official parties. “A pair in black is the usually go-to for weddings and funerals,” says Neo. As they’re formal shoes, pair them with suits and pants. “Never wear them with bermudas,” says Neo.
Boat Shoes. Made with non-marking soles, these are meant for what they’re named: to be worn on boats. Its uppers are usually made of waterproof material like leather to keep your feet dry. However, for those who don’t own a seafaring vessel, these lugs can be worn on land, too.
Loafers. Perfect for lazy Sunday brunches, these can be worn with any casual outfit (that is, jeans or shorts). “Next time you’re thinking of wearing flip-flops, consider a nice pair of loafers instead,” says Neo. The slip-ons should fit snugly without being too tight.
Boots. These can take you through all sorts of weather. “Get a hardy pair for rainy days, and you can arrive at the office looking smart,” says Neo. Go casual by pairing dark brown boots with jeans, or go formal with a navy blue suit. The shoes should slip on easily and hug the ankles when fastened.
Plimsolls. The versatility of plimsolls is their one main strength, but the fact they’re affordable to is what makes them a winning choice for men all over the world, no matter what the season is. Men’s plimsolls have evolved from the school gym class days into an everyday style staple.
Developed by the Liverpool Rubber Company, plimsolls originated as beach wear in the 1830s before it became customary for physical education students to wear them. The word plimsoll comes from the Plimsoll line on a ships’ hull because the horizontal band between the sole and the upper part of the shoe resemble the Plimsoll line.
The beauty of the plimsoll lies in its comfort, rubber soles and arch support mean you can be comfortable all day whilst canvas will allow your feet to breathe and leather options keep you warmer in the colder months.
How to wear plimsolls:
Understated is the key word when it comes to styling plimsolls and something to keep in mind is plimsolls get better with age. The whole concept of wearing plimsolls is a laid back casual vibe and there’s no need to worry if they’re starting to look battered, because you know, that’s how they’re supposed to look.