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Rules On Wearing Dress Shoes With Jeans | How to Pair Denim & Men’s Dress Shoes

Matching Men Office Shoes with Jean Singapore

How to style: Dress shoes with Jeans

Jeans and dress shoes, both are common outfits we are fond of. Though how much we love wearing them, many of us still find it hard to pull off the style of matching them together. With one being known for more as a casual wear and the other as a smart formal wear, it is hard to bridge the gap between them for the style to work. If mismatched wrongly, it could bring about a fashion disaster. Get set as we pick out ways to inspire your smart-casual style with the right dress shoes and jeans.

What Type of Jean Matches with Dress Shoes

Before you start rummaging your closet, take note that you can’t just choose any type of jeans or dress shoes. In order to make a balance, you have to opt for jeans that are less casual and dress shoes that are not way too formal. Some examples are that the jeans chosen should be in fairly darker washes with little distressing (holes & patches) found as darker washes of jeans tend to blend well with most types of formal dress shoes. The length of the jeans must also be appropriate and fit just the right size for your dress shoes to be seen. Definitely don’t go for jeans that are too loose or baggy as it will overlap with your shoes, ruining the overall look.


What Type of Shoes Match with Jean

On the other hand, for dress shoes wise, you will need to avoid going for formal dress shoes with a high shine. Brown is compatible with most jeans compared to black as black gives off more of a formality feel. Fret not if you only have dress shoes in black, you just need a much darker jeans to pair up with your black dress shoes such as deep indigo. Read on as we introduce the different pairings of dress shoes and jeans that work fantastically well together.

Monk Straps with Slim-Fit Jeans

Monk Straps, a classy elegant pair of shoes partnered with stylish double straps. Pairing them with a skinny fit jeans will give off a sense of sleekness. Avoid going for loose baggy jeans as it will overlap your shoes, blocking the sight of them. Another jeans option you can go for is tapered jeans that is slim at the ankle. With a tighter ankle fit, it gives off a greater impact of the style as you can showcase more of your shoes.

Some options for the monk straps at Carl & OAK are the BLACK DOUBLE MONKSTRAP SLIP ON and Green Monkstrap Bespoke which are all coloured in shades for brown & dark green. Perfect for wearing them with your jeans.

Brogues with Cuffed Straight Leg Jeans

Similar looking to oxfords, brogues are different in how they have decorative detailed designs at the top of the shoes with a W shape formed. With your jeans cuffs rolled up above your shoes, it can drive attention towards the detailed designs of the shoes as the focus of your style. The cuffs also gives an amazing transition of colour from your jeans to the inner denim and lastly towards your brogues, showcasing a great contrast.

Brogues’ recommended at Earnest & Collective are Warwick II – Chestnut, Warwick II – Burnished Tan and Westbourne II -Burnished Redwood.

Loafers with Tapered Jeans

A favourite dress shoe among many where you can casually slip on your loafers and get ready for the day. As loafers are cut low, you will need to give a space between your jeans and loafers so that it would not give off a sloppy look and the attention would be driven to your shoes. Tapered jeans is a nice match since it would just fit nicely above your shoes to leave a space. Another tip is to go for a sockless move, showing an obvious space left behind.

Loafer choices to be considered at Carl & OAK are our signature Penny Loafers. As driving loafers/suedes are much more casual than leather loafers, they are more suited for an all casual look instead.

Additionally, you can also mix and match your other jeans and dress shoes together to see whether they will be a perfect match. Though it may be hard finding a match that strikes a balance, but with a good combination, it could be your next go-to style.

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