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Are Mens Square-toed Shoes in Style?


Why are people saying you should not wear square-toed shoes?

Remember during the 90s, where square-toed shoes were the in-thing. You could see many men and women walking down the streets with them. Couple of brands had endorsed it as well. Starting from a closed-toe kitten heels released by Prada, where they then adapted the style into their boots and sandals. Not forgetting famous shoe designer from Italy, Cesare Paciotti collection of 1995, based on Versace shoes.

Flash-forward years later, a drastic change has begun to take shape as people started perceiving it as a big no-no in the fashion industry. Becoming one of the most popular shoe styles people wished to ditch. Here, we take a look at why something so popular back then could change so severely in the present year and hear what people and experts have to say about it.

With its squared characteristic, many spotted its similarities to wood chunks, showing an aesthetically-displeasing view due to the shape differences with our feet. Menswear expert and co-founder of Carson Street Clothiers, Brian Trunzo revealed, “It is unsightly to look at this figure it forms, the style just never looks good on any men”.

Comfort VS Style for MEN


But the square-shape has also proved to be beneficial to many as well, especially those with wide-fit. Throughout the years with shoe shapes becoming narrower, wider foot men have more difficulties finding a shoe to fit. Wearing the square-toed shoe exerts the right amount of pressure around their feet, keeping themselves comfortable.

However, its comfortability hasn’t proved itself for everyone. Marcus Troy, who gives style advice on social media, talked about the other choices that can also bring comfort. “Footwear design advancements have been shown to combine function and fashion beautifully together such as Cole Haan’s shoes that feature Nike Lunar outsole technology in them.” Photographer and director Jake Davis also expressed, “There’s a good deal of stylish options to avoid the square-toed, even if corporate environments have a dress code requirement”.

Why Quality Shoes are Rarely Square-Toed


Another reason stated why its not to be worn, was of its lower-quality leather and workmanship. From Antonio Centeno, founder of RealMenRealStyle written that the curved-toe shoes are harder to be made, it requires the leather to be pulled and shaped expertly in order to carve out its curved shape for each foot specifically whereas the square-toed shoes are made in block shapes that can fit any feet. Founder of Well Built Style, Manny De La Cruz also explained about its leather quality, “Leftover snippets along with other materials are processed together to create the leather found in square-toed shoes”.

Verdict of Square-Toed


Besides all that negativity, the square-toed shoes have been favourites for many too. Terming the love as “Square-Toe Syndrome” (STS). Love it or loathe it, we might be seeing the square-toed trend coming back as more famous fashion brands such as Gucci and Calvin Klein are introducing their own style of the square-toed shoes on the runway

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