At Carl OAK we have a little secret that we want to let men in on.

Men’s shoes can literally make or break an entire outfit.

This cannot be stressed enough and isn’t only essential when it comes to women, but it’s also crucial when applying for a job, and going out on the town.

If you want to impress, when others look you over, you’d better make sure your choice of men’s shoes match the rest of your outfit, and that they are of the latest style. This means that it’s time to get a few other pairs other than your three regular pairs that have been worn to death.


With the merging of business casual in the workplace and beyond, there is a fine line between dressy and casual men’s shoes. At Carl OAK, we pick a collection that bridges that gap.

We assembled a collection of men’s shoes that can pass for both dressy and less formal occasions, and can go with everything from chinos and jeans to a suit.

As men, the first thing you look for in a pair of shoes is the level of comfort. Style matters a whole deal, but comfort can never be sacrificed. Carl OAK has an impressive line of men’s shoes from Oxfords, Derby and Double Monk Straps that were made based on comfort and styled with finesse.

Trying to impress with that dapper working man look ? Start off our extensive leather footwear collection with impressive but affordable men’s footwear and style like leather sneakers and boots and take it up a notch with our high end men’s shoes. Let your feet breathe and take a little break with loafers and sandals from breathable leather material

The style and comfort can be kicked up a notch with the ever in style assemblage of slip–ons from inspired style in Korea and Italy. Take it down to the streets with our collection of casual men’s shoes from labels like our high top sneakers, penny loafers that were made to impress in true laid–back style. Sneakers and kicks can also be customised, and will be bound to impress even the street style hipsters. Kick it up into highgear with the slick and sturdy collection of outdoor shoes.The outdoor men’s shoes at Carl OAK  can outlast in the wild outdoors yet manage to keep you looking smart and rugged.

Whether it’s rain or shine in Singapore, there are a wide variety of men’s shoes to choose from, at Carl OAK. Our extensive office and casual footwear will keep you on your toes. Grab a pair of jazzed up leather high top sneakers for the weekends and wear more subtle double monk straps with your jeans or chinos.

Whatever the trend you’retrying to emulate or create, Carl OAK sure to have the perfect men’s shoes for you. No matter of the occasion or style, Carl OAK shoes makes it easy for you to select the perfect pair without having to search endlessly through shopping malls. Seated comfortably at your computer, Carl OAK brings all the men’s shoes you can imagine to your fingertips. Once you’ve chosen your ideal pair, have Carl OAK deliver your choice of footwear straight to your doorstep. Check out Carl & OAK men shoes now to satisfy your feet with the perfect pair. Buy shoes online for men now!