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Each product from CARL & OAK is made from quality cow leather & other hides.

Leather is chosen for its strength, durability & timeless look, which is meant not only to last, but also to shapes itself to your feet due to its supple texture.

Providing products that lasts with times and style aligns with our core value to bring consciousness of sustainable environment in to fashion.

The ‘fast fashion’ trend of purchasing, wearing & discarding a shoe in 3 months is just not cool.

Fashion with a cause is.

Carl & Oak defines the essence of timeless style and refined quality, in its range of premium leather footwear, bags & accessories.

Carl & Oak men’s collection offer a array of leather footwear, bags and other accessories, crafted and designed for the modern gentlemen , while women’s collection  comprises of contemporary  wearable designs that elude elegance style off the runway.

In the flagship store in Carl & Oak at One Raffles Place, aside of our own brand of luxury fashion footwear & accessories, we also offer a wide variety of footwear from other popular brands, including Rockport By Adidas, Swiss watch brand, Mathey-Tissot, Lucca Vudor, Twelve15Twenty and more.

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Carl & Oak’s ladies footwear collection  comprises of contemporary  designs that elude elegance style, yet made for comfort.

Carl & Oak is a indie footwear brand that encompass a confident sense of style. When u think of real leather, stylish, wearable designs off the runway, you think of Carl & Oak.
Our exclusive heels collection comprises several classic designs, redefined by unique texture of patent leather, pony hair, crocodile, snake prints, and suede, as well as colours that ranges from pastels to timeless colour such as royal navy and burgundies.
Its limited bag collection uses quality cow leather material in the totality of each bag, tanned into unique colour textures that defines the essence of our brand.

Our leather collection are hand-made in limited quantities, only available in our retail store at One Raffles Place, Singapore.


Crafted in premium quality cow leather & supple sheep leather lining, each Carl & Oak shoe and bag is embodied with sophistication for the modern gentlemen.
Every piece of our collection represents our dedication to offer timeless style, refined quality, & made for everyday wear.

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