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Rules On Wearing Dress Shoes With Jeans | How to Pair Denim & Men’s Dress Shoes

Matching Men Office Shoes with Jean Singapore

How to style: Dress shoes with Jeans Jeans and dress shoes, both are common outfits we are fond of. Though how much we love wearing them, many of us still find it hard to pull off the style of matching them together. With one being known for more as a casual wear and the other as a smart formal wear, it is hard to bridge the gap between them for the style to work. If mismatched wrongly, it could bring about a fashion disaster. Get set as we pick out ways to inspire your smart-casual style with the right dress shoes and jeans. What Type of Jean Matches with Dress Shoes Before you start rummaging your closet, take note that you can’t just choose any…

Are Mens Square-toed Shoes in Style?


Why are people saying you should not wear square-toed shoes? Remember during the 90s, where square-toed shoes were the in-thing. You could see many men and women walking down the streets with them. Couple of brands had endorsed it as well. Starting from a closed-toe kitten heels released by Prada, where they then adapted the style into their boots and sandals. Not forgetting famous shoe designer from Italy, Cesare Paciotti collection of 1995, based on Versace shoes. Flash-forward years later, a drastic change has begun to take shape as people started perceiving it as a big no-no in the fashion industry. Becoming one of the most popular shoe styles people wished to ditch. Here, we take a look at why something so popular back then could…